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Find out what the future holds for you with an Accurate Psychic Reading

 In-depth and Accurate Readings     offering wisdom and guidance. Genuine Psychic with over 25 years   experience.

Only £35 for a full reading 

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Individual or Party bookings
(Party bookings at no extra cost in Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, Preston, Burnley, Colne, Padiham etc)


Why book a reading with me?

I have been psychic all my life and have over 20 years experience helping people through my readings. I have always been interested in spiritual and psychic things, it's a major part of my life. I have spent many hours doing meditation and developing my psychic powers. I work with my Spirit Guides and Angels to offer you an in-depth and accurate reading.


Many Psychics charge a lot more money than I do, but I do my readings to help people, not to make loads of money. Paying a large fee is no guarantee of a genuine or good psychic.


I inherited my psychic gifts from my grandma and aunties, who used to gaze into the coal fire during the war and see telegrams, telling them who would not come back from the war. My Mother is also psychic, often predicting news of births etc. Over half of my work comes from recommendations and many of my Clients return time and time again. 

My readings cover all areas of your life ~ love, career, money, home etc. I do not time a reading, I do your reading first and then you can ask any questions at the end. 

I am not a Medium. I do not work with your deceased relatives as often they cannot offer the greater wisdom you need to help you in your everyday life. Instead I work with Spirit Guides who are on a higher spiritual level so can give you greater advice and wisdom. Everyone has a Spirit Guide. When you have a reading with me your Spirit Guide will come through to help with your reading. I also use tarot cards as they offer more information and details to your reading. 

Tel 07895 644414 to book.